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auto accidents Archives

Auto accidents involving flying ice projectiles are preventable

Driving on New Hampshire highways during the cold winter months is hazardous for all. This is due to the hazards posed by ice and snow on the roads as well as the potential damage that could be caused by pieces of ice flying off other vehicles. One of many such auto accidents this year involved an employee of the New Hampshire Department of Transportation.

Auto accidents: Violent crash leaves 1 person seriously injured

December is a dangerous time on the nation's roadways, including in New Hampshire. Some auto accidents are particularly violent, like a two-vehicle crash that occurred on a recent Friday afternoon. Authorities reported that debris and wreckage that were left behind included a CV joint attached to a wheel of one of the two vehicles.

Auto accidents: Elderly voter trapped under car at polling place

When an elderly New Hampshire woman recently went to the only polling station in Windham at the local high school, she would not have expected what was to come her way. She was struck by a car while she was walking across the parking lot. Like many auto accidents, this one appears to have been caused by driver error. 

Auto accidents: Alcohol, texting suspected in wrong-way crash

Despite the many efforts of law enforcement to stop mobile phone distractions and impaired driving, many drivers pay little or no attention. Auto accidents involving alcohol and texting while driving continue to cause severe injuries and fatalities on New Hampshire roads. A 32-year-old Sullivan woman is facing criminal charges after one such an accident.

Auto accidents: Car vs. wheelchair crash kills 1 in New Hampshire

Incidents that cause injury can happen anywhere and at any time, including to pedestrians. Wheelchair users are at an even higher risk when they have to cross busy city streets. Such auto accidents can cause traumatic injuries, and in some cases, they could be fatal. One such accident recently claimed the life of a New Hampshire woman.

2 auto accidents in 2 months claim lives on Route 106

A driver, passenger and a dog perished in a July 4th crash on Route 106 in New Hampshire. Two auto accidents have occurred on this route in as many months, and investigators have not even completed their investigation into a June 11 fatal collision. They are now also trying to determine the cause of the recent wreck.

More vehicles, more hours behind the wheel, more auto accidents

The numbers of vehicles on the roads and the hours spent driving in New Hampshire and other states are steadily rising. For this reason, it is essential for drivers to follow the laws and practice safe driving. This could prevent auto accidents that often result in injuries or death. Sadly, many drivers disregard road safety, putting themselves and other road users at risk.

Analyzing over a century of fatal U.S. motor vehicle accidents

As time has gone on, motor vehicles have become far more advanced -- not just in their capabilities to maneuver out on the road, but in their ability to protect the people inside of them too. This has done wonders for the motor vehicle accident fatality rate, but that doesn't mean that everything is peachy in the world of road safety.

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