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Workplace injuries can occur in a variety of fields

Suffering a major injury while on the job can be a harrowing experience. If a job-related accident leaves you with injuries, you might be incapable of returning to work for an extended period, and you could be wondering how this period of recovery will affect you financially.

In addition to the possibility of an extended period of recovery, you may also be facing a substantial amount in medical bills and expenses. When coupled with the accompanying loss of income, a similar incident could leave you in desperate need of monetary aid.

Navigating a workers' compensation claim could be challenging

Most workers in New Hampshire know that their employers carry insurance that would provide financial assistance if they should get injured on the job. They might think it is merely a case of getting medical care, filing a workers' compensation claim and receiving compensation. However, it could be considerably more complicated, and failing to follow the correct procedures might jeopardize the chances of receiving maximum benefits.

It might be a good idea for employees to gain knowledge about the procedures to follow before they are injured and when there is no emergency or trauma with which to deal. The first step to take after a workplace injury is to get the necessary medical care, but the workers' comp rules might require workers to see a doctor authorized by the comp system. Moreover, the injury must be reported to the employer, and this notice must be given in writing.

Good housekeeping could prevent construction accidents

Housekeeping on construction sites is as necessary as in any other industry in New Hampshire. Neglecting this aspect can lead to preventable construction accidents. Employers who establish rigorous housekeeping protocols are typically those with excellent safety records.

A culture in which the entire workforce complies with strict housekeeping rules typically has limited incidents of slips and trips that lead to falls. Strains and sprains that result from the frequent need to lift heavy equipment to move it out of the way can also be prevented. Furthermore, if vehicle and mobile equipment are included in the housekeeping protocols, property damage and struck by or caught-in or between accidents can be prevented.

Auto accidents: Alcohol, texting suspected in wrong-way crash

Despite the many efforts of law enforcement to stop mobile phone distractions and impaired driving, many drivers pay little or no attention. Auto accidents involving alcohol and texting while driving continue to cause severe injuries and fatalities on New Hampshire roads. A 32-year-old Sullivan woman is facing criminal charges after one such an accident.

According to a police report, the crash occurred in Nelson on a recent Saturday. The woman was allegedly traveling in the wrong direction on Route 9. She was eastbound in the westbound lanes when she smashed head-on into a car that was heading west.

Construction accidents: Roof worker falls 30 feet to his death

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating the recent death of a New Hampshire man. The 51-year-old Concord man had been an employee of a family-owned company for about 20 years. Catastrophic construction accidents are not unfamiliar for the owners of this company because the former owner suffered a fall some years ago that left him unresponsive for three months; however, he regained some speech and mobility after extensive rehabilitation.

One of their long-time employees fell to his death from a roof on a recent Tuesday, landing on a hard surface about 30 feet below. The worker was part of a work crew that was replacing the roof of a commercial building. According to a police report, the incident occurred shortly after 11:30 a.m., and the critically injured worker was rushed to a nearby hospital. Sadly, he succumbed to his injuries later.

Workers' compensation: Industrial worker's forearm severed

Workers in industrial facilities in New Hampshire will always face the hazards posed by large machines and equipment with dangerous moving parts. While employees typically rely on their employers to comply with the safety regulations prescribed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, many find that their employers have other priorities. The number of workers' compensation claims filed by industrial workers underscores the dangers they face.

OSHA has launched an investigation into an amputation accident that occurred at a manufacturer of plumbing and sanitary equipment in Gilford. A report by the fire department indicates that an emergency call came into 911 shortly after 10 a.m. on a recent Thursday. Rescue workers rushed to the industrial facility where they found a female worker who became entangled in the moving parts of a machine. The machine severed her left forearm, and co-workers used bandaging and pressure in an attempt to stop the bleeding.

What benefits should you get after a work accident?

A work accident can change your life. It can leave you with physical injuries and financial losses that can affect you and your family. New Hampshire workers understand the importance of getting appropriate help after a work accident in order to cover their losses and pay for the help they need for a full and fair recovery.

It can be helpful for all workers to understand what types of benefits they can get in the event of a workplace injury or diagnosis of an occupational illness. The workers' compensation claims process is not always easy, but with help, you can fight for what you need and deserve. Before you file your claim, find out more about what you are entitled to under your employer's workers' compensation insurance.

Auto accidents: Car vs. wheelchair crash kills 1 in New Hampshire

Incidents that cause injury can happen anywhere and at any time, including to pedestrians. Wheelchair users are at an even higher risk when they have to cross busy city streets. Such auto accidents can cause traumatic injuries, and in some cases, they could be fatal. One such accident recently claimed the life of a New Hampshire woman.

According to a report by the New Hampshire State Police, a woman in Lancaster was navigating her motorized wheelchair across Route 3 when a vehicle struck her. Authorities say the 76-year-old woman was hit while she was in a crosswalk. The victim was rushed to a medical facility, but she succumbed to her injuries.

Workers' compensation death benefits for all work-related deaths

All industries in New Hampshire and other states pose occupational hazards, and the goal of most employers is to provide safe work environments. In many cases, achieving workplace safety is easier said than done. However, workers' compensation benefits claims continue to come from a wide variety of industries.

A Time magazine compilation of the most hazardous jobs in the U.S. indicates that the leading cause of on-the-job deaths in 2016 was transportation accidents. Truck drivers, farmers and groundskeepers were some of the victims who lost their lives in job-related vehicle accidents. Slips, trips and falls used to be second on the list of most frequent causes of fatalities, but workplace violence is now number two on the list. While most people might think disgruntled colleagues are responsible for such deaths, most workplace violence cases involve customers assaulting workers as well as armed robberies.

2 auto accidents in 2 months claim lives on Route 106

A driver, passenger and a dog perished in a July 4th crash on Route 106 in New Hampshire. Two auto accidents have occurred on this route in as many months, and investigators have not even completed their investigation into a June 11 fatal collision. They are now also trying to determine the cause of the recent wreck.

According to a preliminary accident report, based on eyewitnesses and evidence found at the crash scene, an SUV veered across the center line and hit a sedan on the driver's side. This caused the SUV to spin before smashing head-on into a pickup truck. Reportedly, hydraulic equipment had to be used to get the SUV driver, passenger and a dog out of the crumpled vehicle. The passenger was declared dead at the crash scene, and the driver and the dog both died later.

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