Is Workers’ Compensation Only for Those with Total Disability?

Blogs from August, 2023

Attorney Mark Rufo PC

Injuries at work can lead to a loss of income, inability to work and hefty medical bills. Workers’ compensation insurance in New Hampshire provides a safety net for employees injured or falling ill on the job. This insurance offers wage replacement and medical benefits, helping injured workers to recover.

While workers’ compensation aims to assist those who cannot work due to workplace injuries, it is helpful to know that it is not only for those completely disabled.

Eligibility for workers’ compensation

Workers’ compensation in New Hampshire recognizes total and partial disability. If you cannot work at all due to your workplace injury or illness, you fall under total disability. But, you can still qualify for benefits with partial disability. Partial disability means you can work, but your earning capacity has suffered due to the injury.

Types of disability benefits

The workers’ compensation system offers different types of disability benefits. You can find temporary total disability, temporary partial disability, permanent total disability and permanent partial disability among them. Temporary benefits serve workers expected to recover, while permanent benefits assist those with enduring impairments.

  • Benefits for temporary partial disability. If you can work but the injury restricts the amount or type of work you can do, you might qualify for temporary partial disability benefits. The purpose of these benefits is to compensate for some of your wage loss if your injury leads to reduced earnings.
  • Benefits for permanent partial disability. You can qualify for permanent partial disability benefits even if your injury does not stop you from working completely. These benefits are for you if you have an enduring impairment that limits your ability to work, even after your maximum recovery.

New Hampshire’s workers’ compensation provides for those with either total or partial disability. Whether your disability is temporary or permanent, these benefits aim to assist workers who deal with a reduction in their earning capacity due to a workplace injury or illness.

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