What are some outdoor issues that lead to construction injuries?

Blogs from June, 2023


When you work on a construction site, you expect certain parts of the construction zone to stay safe for workers who are walking or using a vehicle. However, if the conditions surrounding it fail to live up to safety standards, you could face serious injuries.

Knowing more about the signs of these unsafe areas can help you if you are suffering from a head, neck or spinal cord injury.

Loose or missing railings

According to the National Safety Council, slip and fall incidents can happen when a worker falls while standing or going up the stairs. The railings on scaffolds should be able to withstand a certain amount of pressure if a person needs to use them. If you must climb on tall scaffolds and your workplace does not install railings or maintain its safety features, it could lead to an injury.

Out-of-control vehicles

Sharing the workplace with large construction vehicles means that whoever drives those trucks must watch out for workers on the ground. In some cases, drivers choose to speed or not look at people who are ahead of or behind them. This kind of recklessness can lead to crush injuries or spinal cord trauma.

Falling objects

When working in an area with cranes or people who are above ground level, heavy pieces of equipment may cause head injuries if workers accidentally drop them on you. People who try to toss tools at one another instead of handing them off or do not follow the safety guidelines can leave you in danger.

Being aware of the ways the environment around you can leave you with a serious injury when in a construction job is important.

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