What are the main construction hazards?

Blogs from March, 2023

Attorney Mark Rufo PC

Construction workers sometimes work under hazardous conditions, mainly when employers and project managers do not take adequate precautions to protect their workers.

In the construction industry, there are four main hazards that result in the majority of construction injuries and fatalities. These hazards include electrocution, falls, struck-by and caught-in-between accidents.

Electrocution risks

When it comes to electrocution, about 60% of all electrocution on a construction site occurs when the worker has direct contact with electricity. Construction workers have a four times higher risk than all other industries for electrical injuries. Electrical injuries are more likely to occur when contractors must use temporary power during the renovation or new construction.

Fall and struck by risks

Construction workers can suffer severe injuries from falls or falling equipment without adequate fall protection. Not only should job site managers provide workers with helmets, harnesses and other protective measures, but they should also take extra care to ensure contractors understand how to secure equipment to reduce the risk of injury.

Caught in-between risks

Caught in-between accidents can occur when equipment rolls over or when a trench or structure collapses. Generally, injuries happen when the person becomes squeezed or crushed between two or more objects.

Some ways to avoid injuries on the job site are to install barricades and to ensure that all machinery has proper guards. All moving parts and hazardous equipment must have safeguards.

In the U.S., electrical issues are the top 10 frequent violations on construction sites. Employers who refuse to follow OSHA’s guidelines are liable for injuries on the job site.

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