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How Can Vestibular Problems Cause a Construction Injury?

Attorney Mark Rufo PC

Suffering an injury while working on a construction site can lead to health problems that negatively affect your ability to handle dangerous environments. Even if you feel you can return to work, you should take note of any bouts of dizziness or trouble holding your balance.

Construction Exec explains that a head injury or a fall may cause damage to the vestibular system. This system helps you maintain balance. If you do not receive treatment to alleviate an impaired balance or other symptoms, you might be at risk for another construction site injury.

Walking could prove dangerous

Construction areas expose workers to unbalanced or unstable surfaces. Examples include rocky ground, unfinished floors, or platforms that elevate or move side to side. Not only does vestibular disruption increase your fall risk on unsteady surfaces, but you might see illusory motions in your peripheral vision which further throw off your perception of reality.

Loud noise may disrupt your balance

Damage to your vestibular system could also harm your hearing, perhaps making you more sensitive to loud sounds. Since hearing loss affects your balance, loud construction sounds or even noise that would not ordinarily bother you might increase the odds that you will suffer a fall.

Heat could trigger impaired balance

Certain environmental conditions such as heat could also aggravate any vestibular damage you have. Construction activity generally causes you to work up a sweat, so even the normal actions of construction work can heat you up and possibly make you unsteady on your feet.

If you get hurt while on a construction job, you should not have to worry about suffering another injury. Asking your doctor questions, such as how your injury could affect you going forward, may help you get a complete picture of your health.