How long does it take to get an insurance payout?

Blogs from October, 2022

Attorney Mark Rufo PC

After a car accident, you likely need money to help you get back on your feet and to fix the problems resulting from the crash. But you probably will have to deal with an insurance company to get the money.

Time is of the essence for you because you likely will be stuck until you can get the insurance payout. But the company may move slower than you hope.

Length of time

How long your insurance claim takes to payout to you depends on various factors. Car and Driver explains the details of your situation will impact how long the process takes. The more complex your accident is, the longer it may take for insurance to pay out.


Medical claims generally take the longest to pay because they are often the most complex. The good news is that you should not have to worry about the medical expenses once you alert your providers that insurance will handle the cost.

Repairs usually are not too slow to pay, but there could be delays depending on how long it takes to get repair quotes. If your vehicle needs a lot of work, it could also slow things down as your insurer weighs paying for repairs or declaring your vehicle a total loss.

There are other things that can play into the process and slow it down. You will deal with a range of people, and if any of them, including you, delays submitting forms or answering inquiries, it will slow down the whole process. That is why communication is an essential part of keeping the insurance claims process moving along swiftly.

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