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What Is the Average Cost of Carpal Tunnel Surgery?

Attorney Mark Rufo PC

If you live with carpal tunnel, you know how debilitating it can become. That said, like most injured workers, you may assume your condition is a part of life and not strive to push for workers’ compensation to cover the cost of therapy or, in more extreme cases, surgery.

Not pushing for compensation for your repetitive stress injury is a mistake. Carpal tunnel surgery is costly. Not only that, carpal tunnel has long-term ramifications that often include time off work and eventual job loss. CarpalRx explores the true costs of carpal tunnel surgery.

The average cost of carpal tunnel surgery

As of 2021, the average cost of carpal tunnel surgery was $6,978. However, as with any national average, the actual cost varies exponentially depending on the type of surgery necessary, where the surgery takes place, whether complications arise and the extent of recovery. It also depends on whether you opt for inpatient or outpatient services.

For example, with facility fees, professional services fees and anesthesia, the average cost of inpatient surgery is $5,354. On the other hand, considering the same factors, outpatient surgery costs about half that, at $2,451.

Rehab and physical therapy costs

The costs of carpal tunnel do not end after surgery. For starters, most patients take weeks to over a year to recover, which are weeks to months they must take time off work. This recovery time does not account for complications. In addition to accruing lost wages, many patients also must undergo physical therapy. The average cost of hand therapy is between $12,500 to $28,000.

Astronomical costs aside, it may also be worth noting that most carpal tunnel patients never return to their former occupations. In fact, between just 10% and 23% of patients return to their formal professions.

Carpal tunnel is a serious injury that has serious consequences. Do not try to deal with those consequences on your own. Get the help you need to secure adequate compensation.