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Occupational Injuries That Lead to Workers’ Compensation

Attorney Mark Rufo PC

No matter where you work, you could face an on-the-job injury. Even a relatively minor injury could impact your ability to work for a while and could put you at risk for reduced wages.

A more serious injury could threaten the health of your finances. Several common injuries account for the majority of workers’ compensation claims.

The most common injuries for workers

Information from Eastern Kentucky University identifies several occupational injuries that occur again and again. According to one study, strains top the list and amount to more than 30 percent of workers’ compensation claims. Strains happen when a worker tears or stretches a muscle or tendon.

Contusions account for just over 21 percent of claims. While most contusions or bruises quickly heal, others result in enough pain or swelling to keep a person off work for a period of time. Lacerations or cuts factor into just under 12 percent of claims, while sprains account for just under 9 percent of claims. Punctures round out the top five injuries for workers’ compensation claims.

The most common causes of injuries

Injuries happen in workplaces due to employer negligence, worker inattention and challenging environmental conditions.  Worker overexertion causes about 31 percent of injuries. This happens when a worker repeatedly lifts heavy objects or engages in repetitive motions for days, weeks or months.

Nearly as injurious, trips and falls cause a high proportion of injuries and could lead to everything from broken bones to concussions. Bumping into objects or equipment also causes many workplace injuries.

Additional injury causes include transportation accidents, violence and exposure to dangerous substances. Knowing the common workplace injuries and their causes could help you avoid a workers’ compensation claim.