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Statistics on Job-related Falls

Attorney Mark Rufo PC

Whether you work on construction sites, in a busy restaurant or in an office, it is important to understand the various risks you face and hazards that lead to falls. Moreover, reviewing statistics on the prevalence of job-related falls is helpful in order to avoid an accident that could leave you with serious challenges, from physical pain to mental trauma and financial problems.

Every day, workers across the country are seriously hurt and even killed when they fall down while performing their job duties.

Data on job-related falls

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that they received more reports of fatal accidents due to job-related falls in 2017 than the previous year. In fact, 2017 saw 38 more fatal slip, trip and fall cases than 2016. However, far more workers sustained nonfatal injuries in these accidents over the course of 2017, which saw more than 290,000 reports of falls, trips and slips on job sites across the U.S.

The impact of falling down on the job

Every job-related accident is unique and some people face greater hardships than others, depending on the details of their accident. If you recently fell down while working, it is very possible that you have lost the ability to work, either temporarily or permanently. Missing work often leads to financial hurdles and some people have an especially hard time moving forward after a slip-and-fall accident because their loved ones depend on them. Look into any resources that could help you recover, such as workers’ compensation benefits. Moreover, try to keep a positive attitude and focus on your recovery.