Daylight savings time brings more workers’ compensation claims

Blogs from March, 2019

Attorney Mark Rufo PC

Soon, daylight savings time will start, and workers in New Hampshire and across the country will have one less hour of sleep. Safety authorities say that this causes fatigue that leads to more fatal crashes, heart attacks and on-the-job injuries. Workers’ compensation claims also indicate that the injuries immediately after this time change are often caused by diminished concentration and reaction times.

In the time leading up to the clocks being set one hour forward at 2 a.m. on the second Sunday in March, workers can gradually prepare their internal clocks for the change. They can adjust their times of going to bed and getting up by 10 minutes each day until their bodies are used to the new routine. This slow adjustment could prevent the impact of a sudden change.

Some employers help workers by adjusting work schedules to prevent fatigue. However, if the industry does not allow gradual adjustment to the daylight saving time, focusing on workplace safety still makes sense. Employers can be alert to workers showing signs of fatigue, and be aware of potential mistakes and distractions that could lead to injuries.

Any worker in New Hampshire who suffers on-the-job injuries is typically entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. An attorney who has experience in dealing with the state-regulated insurance system can assist with the navigation of the claims process. With the help of legal counsel, an injured worker will have more chances of receiving maximum benefits to cover medical expenses and lost wages, along with additional benefits if the injuries cause disability.

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