Good Housekeeping Could Prevent Construction Accidents

Attorney Mark Rufo PC

Housekeeping on construction sites is as necessary as in any other industry in New Hampshire. Neglecting this aspect can lead to preventable construction accidents. Employers who establish rigorous housekeeping protocols are typically those with excellent safety records.

A culture in which the entire workforce complies with strict housekeeping rules typically has limited incidents of slips and trips that lead to falls. Strains and sprains that result from the frequent need to lift heavy equipment to move it out of the way can also be prevented. Furthermore, if vehicle and mobile equipment are included in the housekeeping protocols, property damage and struck by or caught-in or between accidents can be prevented.

Matters to address when establishing construction site housekeeping rules include creating designated walkways that are kept free of tools, equipment or other random objects, and where wet spots are promptly cleaned up. From there follows the need to have allocated storage areas to which all tools and equipment must be returned at the end of the shift — after they have been wiped down. Barricaded areas to park vehicles and mobile equipment can eliminate property damage. To further limit the chances of work-related injuries, it might be smart to establish separate safe areas to keep toolboxes and equipment orderly while at an off-site location.

New Hampshire construction workers whose employers have strict housekeeping cultures might escape injuries or workplace accidents entirely. However, in the unfortunate event of a work-related injury or illness, workers’ compensation insurance benefits will likely cover medical expenses and lost wages. An attorney who has experience in seeking all the benefits to which an injured worker is entitled could assist with the navigation of the claim.