Auto Accidents: Alcohol, Texting Suspected in Wrong-way Crash

Attorney Mark Rufo PC

Despite the many efforts of law enforcement to stop mobile phone distractions and impaired driving, many drivers pay little or no attention. Auto accidents involving alcohol and texting while driving continue to cause severe injuries and fatalities on New Hampshire roads. A 32-year-old Sullivan woman is facing criminal charges after one such an accident.

According to a police report, the crash occurred in Nelson on a recent Saturday. The woman was allegedly traveling in the wrong direction on Route 9. She was eastbound in the westbound lanes when she smashed head-on into a car that was heading west.

Reportedly, police suspect that this driver was driving while she was under the influence of alcohol. Furthermore, officers say they have reason to believe the driver was using her mobile phone at the time of the accident. Two people suffered injuries, and they were taken to a medical facility. Authorities say the one victim’s condition was serious. The wrong-way driver now faces a felony charge of aggravated drunk driving as well as vehicular assault.

Regardless of the outcome of the criminal charges filed against a negligent driver, the injured victims of car accidents such as this one can pursue financial relief. They can file personal injury claims in a New Hampshire civil court. An experienced personal injury attorney can assist with the legalities of a civil lawsuit. If such a suit is successful, the court may enter a monetary judgment to cover documented claims. Claims typically include financial losses such as medical expenses and lost income along with emotional pain and suffering and other noneconomic damages.