Insurance Tricks That Seem like Treats May Leave You Feeling Sick

Attorney Mark Rufo PC

Having insurance can often make you feel as if you have someone on your side in the event of an emergency. Car insurance in particular can play an important role as accidents happen every day. Of course, if someone else causes an accident that leaves your vehicle damaged and you injured, you may want to remember that, in fact, the insurance company is not on your side.

Though the purpose of car insurance policies is to cover damages in the event of a crash, insurance companies also work to make a profit. Therefore, they will often try to give injured parties the lowest payout possible, even if more money may be warranted. In hopes of avoiding being cheated out of due compensation, you may want to remain aware of common tactics that could leave you with less than you deserve.

Tricks that seem like treats

As mentioned, insurance companies want to do their best to avoid high payouts. This often means that they want individuals to accept the lowest offer possible in the quickest amount of time. Because of this goal, companies may attempt to make a lowball offer seem appealing by stating that you could receive the payout more quickly and save yourself time by accepting the settlement rather than trying to obtain more money.

Of course, if you suffer injuries in a car accident, the extent of those injuries may not be immediately apparent. If you prematurely accept an insurance settlement, your injuries could worsen, and you could accrue additional medical costs that the payout you accepted will not cover.

Professional concern

You may also want to remember that when you speak with insurance company representatives, you are speaking with an employee and not a friend. The employee may attempt to act as if he or she has a true concern for your situation and wants to know exactly what happened, but this tactic could later be used against you. If the adjuster gains your trust by acting concerned, you may provide more information than you should. What you considered casual conversation could turn into evidence against you.

You may understandably feel vulnerable after an accident and want to share your struggles with anyone who lends an ear, but you may want to stick with talking to friends and family and avoid providing more information that necessary to insurance company agents.

In some cases, insurance companies will refuse to pay you an appropriate amount for the damages suffered after an accident. As a result, it may work in your best interests to consider filing a personal injury claim in order to work toward the financial restitution you deserve.