2 Auto Accidents in 2 Months Claim Lives on Route 106

Attorney Mark Rufo PC

A driver, passenger and a dog perished in a July 4th crash on Route 106 in New Hampshire. Two auto accidents have occurred on this route in as many months, and investigators have not even completed their investigation into a June 11 fatal collision. They are now also trying to determine the cause of the recent wreck.

According to a preliminary accident report, based on eyewitnesses and evidence found at the crash scene, an SUV veered across the center line and hit a sedan on the driver’s side. This caused the SUV to spin before smashing head-on into a pickup truck. Reportedly, hydraulic equipment had to be used to get the SUV driver, passenger and a dog out of the crumpled vehicle. The passenger was declared dead at the crash scene, and the driver and the dog both died later.

Police say the driver of the car that was sideswiped suffered no injuries, but the pickup truck driver was rushed to a hospital with multiple injuries. She required surgery, but her passenger was uninjured. Clearing the scene took over six hours. Authorities would not speculate about the cause of this accident, but they mentioned that speed did not seem to have played a role.

Hospitalization and surgical procedures are costly and could leave victims of auto accidents facing financial hardship. If the negligence of other parties caused the accidents, injured victims could pursue financial relief through the New Hampshire civil justice system — even if the negligent party did not survive the crash. With the help of an experienced personal injury attorney, the estate of that driver can be sued for recovery of economic and noneconomic damages.