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Construction Accidents Cause Many Fall-related Injuries

Attorney Mark Rufo PC

Falls make up a significant percentage of all the workplace fatalities in New Hampshire. Although falls can occur in any setting, from an office to an oil rig, many lives are lost due to falls in construction accidents. Climbing a ladder can be as hazardous as working at an elevation of 80 feet. The Bureau of Labor Statistics published data that indicates fall-related days off work involved both falls to lower levels and on same levels.

Safety authorities say fatal falls occur most frequently in construction, while other sectors have the highest numbers of nonfatal fall injuries. Most of these occur in the wholesale, retail and health services industries. However, many falls are associated with these occupations such as building and maintenance cleaning, health care support, material moving and transport along with extraction and construction occupations.

Falls create substantial financial burdens for business owners and victims. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration prescribes strict regulations and guidelines to prevent falls on construction sites. Unfortunately, many business owners prioritize profits rather than employee safety, leaving workers to look after their own safety.

Victims of falls in construction accidents might face long-term health consequences and ongoing care or therapy. Along with mounting medical bills, the inability to return to work might cause anxiety. However, help is available through the New Hampshire workers’ compensation insurance program. Medical expenses and lost wages typically form part of the benefits, and injured workers are free to utilize the services of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney for assistance with the claims process.