What Benefits Should You Get after a Work Accident?

Attorney Mark Rufo PC

A work accident can change your life. It can leave you with physical injuries and financial losses that can affect you and your family. New Hampshire workers understand the importance of getting appropriate help after a work accident in order to cover their losses and pay for the help they need for a full and fair recovery.

It can be helpful for all workers to understand what types of benefits they can get in the event of a workplace injury or diagnosis of an occupational illness. The workers’ compensation claims process is not always easy, but with help, you can fight for what you need and deserve. Before you file your claim, find out more about what you are entitled to under your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance.

What are your recovery needs?

The benefits you will be able to receive through your workers’ compensation claim depend largely on your physical needs and financial losses. Every case is different, but some of the benefits you may be able to receive include the following:

  • Replacement of a portion of your lost income
  • Medical care and coverage of your continued medical expenses
  • Support and help needed to find new employment if you cannot return to the same job

If you suffered injuries from which you will never recover and return to work, you may be able to seek compensation for your permanent disability through your workers’ compensation claim. Families and loved ones of those who died in a work-related accident could be able to claim survivor benefits through workers’ compensation insurance.

It is helpful to seek an evaluation of your case and understand exactly what you are entitled to receive in your workers’ compensation claim. These insurance companies do not have your best interests in mind, and you may have to fight for the full amount of benefits you need and deserve.

Protect your right to recover

If you were hurt at work, you have the right to the financial support you need to get better and get back to work. Unfortunately, the workers’ compensation claims process is complex, and it is not easy to get what you deserve. You have the right to seek help as you navigate this complex process.

You should reach out for help as soon as possible after an accident at work. Injured workers have the right to take immediate action to protect their interests and initiate a workers’ compensation claim.