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How Could Underinsured Motorist Insurance Help after an Accident?

Attorney Mark Rufo PC

Being the victim of an accident caused by someone without insurance can be frustrating. You have no choice but to go to court.

It can take time to get the money owed to you, which is why you should consider gettingĀ underinsured motorist insurance.

Underinsured motorist insurance explained

As the name suggests, this type of coverage will pay for your losses and expenses if you get into an accident with someone who does not have proper auto insurance. It only pays out if the other party was at fault. Making a claim will not impact your insurance rates in most cases because your insurer will go after the other party for repayment.

The benefits of coverage

The main benefit of carrying this type of policy is that you can get prompt payments. This will allow you to repair your vehicle and pay for medical expenses that resulted from the accident. Instead of waiting for your lawsuit to play out, you get the money now.

Your ongoing case will focus on costs not covered by your insurance. Your insurer will usually seek repayment through its own lawsuit.

Above all, having this insurance can help save you a lot of stress. You will know that your insurer will cover the immediate costs that you need to get back on your feet quickly.

Underinsured motorist insurance can be a blessing after a crash. Having it on your policy is a good idea to protect yourself from drivers who fail to secure insurance and allow you to get paid for your damages and injuries fast.