Is your job to blame for an overuse injury?

Blogs from May, 2022

Attorney Mark Rufo PC

Pain in any area of your body is a cause for concern, especially when it interrupts your ability to work. What if your job is the reason for the damage?

A workers’ compensation injury claim may extend to soft tissue injuries caused by overuse. Learn more about what these injuries entail and how you may have a good reason to file a workers’ compensation claim.

What causes an overuse injury?

An overuse injury is damage due to repetitive movements of a single body area. It usually begins as discomfort and achiness that resolves once you stop the movement. However, once it becomes a full-blown injury, you may find that rest is no longer working and that you experience the pain even when not on the clock.

What are the most common examples?

The hands and arms are the most at-risk for repetitive injuries at work. Some professionals that experience the highest rate of overuse include construction workers, manufacturers and typists. Carpal tunnel syndrome is the most common overuse injury tied to the workplace. It involves inflammation and irritation of the median nerve that runs down the arm and into the hand. When the nerve becomes compressed by the tissue around it, you may experience a loss of grip, numbness, tingling and pain.

What do you need to file a claim?

Going to the doctor for a diagnosis is the first step in getting relief. It is also a necessary one when it comes to filing a workers’ compensation claim. If your doctor attributes your injury to your job, the first report of injury becomes crucial in supporting your claim.

Depending on the damage, you may have a long road of medical treatment ahead. Getting compensation from your company’s insurer may go a long way to aiding in your recovery.

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