A closer look at construction fatalities

Blogs from March, 2022

Attorney Mark Rufo PC

Whether you are a carpenter, painter, electrician or employed in any other construction trade, you need to understand the different risks you face while working. Tragically, construction is a very dangerous field, and many workers lose their lives each year. When a worker dies, they sometimes leave behind loved ones who face many challenges following the accident, such as lifelong emotional trauma, medical costs and funeral expenses.

Taking a look at data on deadly construction accidents can help raise awareness among those employed in this field. Moreover, families who lose a loved one in a job-related accident need to examine their options.

How many construction workers lose their lives?

Data published by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration shows that during 2019, fatal construction accidents accounted for roughly 20% of all worker deaths in the private sector. Over 5,300 private sector workers died in 2019, and more than 1,000 of these deaths involved construction workers.

Why do so many construction workers die?

OSHA outlines some of the key hazards that construction workers face, and these risks account for many of the deadly construction accidents that take place each year. Many construction workers die as a result of falling, and some fatal accidents involve dangerous machinery. Electrical accidents and becoming crushed between objects also claim many lives.

In the wake of a fatal construction accident, those who lose a loved one need to carefully review the details of what occurred and examine the resources that could help them recover. For example, in addition to the possibility of legal action due to another party’s negligence, you could look into workers’ compensation death benefits.

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