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What Are the Health Impacts of a Crush Injury?

Attorney Mark Rufo PC

When dealing with a crush injury, you face the possibility of not only immediate and hugely impactful damage but also long-term damage to your overall health and wellness. It can even impact your possibility of finding or holding a job in the future.

Of course, the impacts can differ based on numerous factors, but it is important to have a good idea of what to expect moving forward.

Injuries you face

The National Institutes of Health examine crush injury impacts on the body, including short and long-term damages that result from it. In the short term, you may suffer from various forms of infection like sepsis or gangrene, which may occur if areas of your body go without oxygen for too long. This can also cause necrosis or the decay and death of your cells.

These issues can occur whether you have internal damage from a crush injury or if the injury primarily targeted your limbs and extremities. However, if you suffered from a crush injury to the trunk, you may actually risk the possibility of organ failure.

A long road to recovery

Any of these injuries can take months or years to fully recover from. In some instances – especially regarding injuries to extremities – you may end up facing the possibility of an amputation. This can permanently alter your ability to work physically demanding jobs.

Between high medical expenses, extensive physical therapy, readjusting to life after the incident, and not having the capability to hold down your old jobs, you will likely see a lot of money going out and barely any coming in. This is one of many reasons as to why you may want to consider seeking financial compensation.