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3 Tips for a Successful Workers’ Comp Claim

Attorney Mark Rufo PC

If you have experienced a job-related injury, you may be eligible for compensation for related medical expenses, lost wages during your recovery and other benefits through your employer’s insurance company.

Unfortunately, you may not receive the benefits the law entitles you to if the insurance provider denies or undervalues your claim. One of the most important elements of a successful workers’ comp claim is providing a clear medical record that shows the nature and severity of your injury.

1. Report your injury early

Documenting your injury begins with filling out an accident report and informing your employer of the incident as soon as you can. If you do not report your injury promptly, an insurance adjuster may question the validity of your claim.

2. Seek medical attention

Seeking medical attention after your injury is essential even if the incident seems relatively minor. Whether you receive emergency treatment or visit your doctor later, make sure to let health care providers know that your injury was work-related.

3. Follow your doctor’s recommendations

If you need to follow a treatment plan after your injury, following your doctor’s recommendations may be important for both your recovery and the success of your compensation claim. Failing to follow through with prescriptions, procedures or other necessary treatments may result in denied benefits.

Too often insurers reject even legitimate claims, often due to lack of medical documentation. If an insurance company has already denied your claim, know that you have the right to appeal the decision.

According to the New Hampshire Department of Labor, nearly half of injured employees who request an appeal hearing ultimately win their case.