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What Are Some Signs of a Concussion?

Attorney Mark Rufo PC

A serious blow to the head or a fall can leave you feeling dazed and confused afterward. You may not want to overreact, but you still feel that something is wrong.

Knowing what the signs are for a concussion can help keep you safe and healthy, especially when it comes to your coordination and memory.

Sensory issues

According to the Mayo Clinic, many symptoms appear only days after an accident. If you have trouble remembering what you are doing or where you are, as well as experiencing severe headaches, you could have a concussion.

Many people also struggle to concentrate on a task at hand or experience irritability at bright lights or loud sounds. You may find yourself waking up during the night or feeling restless and unable to fall asleep.

Physical problems

Beyond mental stress and strain, concussions can also bring physical side effects. Foods may taste different or you may vomit more often. Some people experience blurry vision or an irritating ringing noise in their ears.

More severe symptoms include weakness in your arms or legs and problems with standing or walking. Losing consciousness for a minute or longer is also a sign you may need to seek medical care.

Concerns from other people

Sometimes, your friends and family notice a health issue before you recognize it in yourself. Your loved ones may notice bouts of forgetfulness or slurred speech.

If someone has told you that you seem distant or have a delayed response to questions, it may be a sign that you are suffering from a concussion.