How Can a Crush Injury to the Foot Impact You?

Attorney Mark Rufo PC

Working at any job poses its own workplace hazards that you must face. Unfortunately, these hazards can cause you more harm than you expect. They can also sometimes be more dangerous than anticipated.

When you work in construction, you already face more risks than the average worker. This is especially true when it comes to crush injuries.

The potential of long-lasting damage

The U.S. National Library of Medicine discusses the physical impact behind a crush injury. In particular, crush injuries of the foot have the potential to remove a worker from a working environment for months or even years. In some cases, a worker can never return due to the possibility of amputation destroying their former state of mobility.

In these situations, you also will likely face stacking medical bills from the hospital. Treatment costs money, too. You may need to take a regiment of antibiotics to prevent or treat infections. You may need other medications as well as physical therapy. Some victims require mental therapy for the trauma that often accompanies severe accidents.

Medical bills vs. no income

Thus, you find yourself in a tricky place. You are likely not bringing money in because you cannot work. At the same time, you are likely losing money because you need to cover the costs of your recovery. This can add additional mental strain, which can in turn continue to impact your physical health.

This is why many people in your situation will turn toward the possibility of seeking compensation. It will allow you to cover costs you may face during the time you cannot work, which allows you to focus on recovery.