What Causes Most Construction Site Injuries?

Attorney Mark Rufo PC

Many jobs come with a certain degree of risk, but few pose more danger of injury or death than construction work. The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that over 1,000 individuals were killed in 2018 while working in this sector, the highest number of deaths to date for the industry. If you were injured while on the job at a construction site and want to prevent future incidents, then you may want to learn more about what causes them.

Weak or hastily-constructed scaffolding often causes falls resulting in broken bones or permanent injuries, such as paralysis. While harnesses and other safety gear can prevent these falls in some cases, when scaffolding fails, this equipment may not protect you.

Faulty or exposed wiring at a construction site can cause electrocution and serious burns. This can be a common occurrence when the contractor cuts corners and fails to hire experienced or licensed electricians to install a building’s wiring. Unmarked areas of exposed wiring may cause you to step on a cable and receive a serious shock.

Most tools and machinery present on a construction site can present some degree of danger, especially when they are operated by a negligent or careless individual. Electric saws and drills can cause serious bodily injury, and large construction vehicles may roll over or pin you if they are accidentally left in gear or operated by an inexperienced worker.

Many construction site injuries occur due to someone else’s negligence or carelessness. While many of these incidents are preventable, safety standards and procedures are often lacking and could pose a risk of future injury.