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Workers’ Compensation: A Primer on Your Rights

Attorney Mark Rufo PC

You have the right to be safe on the job. Your employer has the responsibility to help maintain your safety. If something goes wrong and you end up injured, you have the right to hold your employer responsible. New Hampshire has a workers’ compensation system that provides insurance to your employer. This insurance covers you in the event of a work-related accident.

The New Hampshire Department of Labor explains workers’ compensation provides protection for both you and your employer. Your employer gets protection from lawsuits because the system is no-fault. This means as long as your injury is work-related, the insurance will cover it. You get coverage and your employer avoids a potentially financially damaging situation.

You must file an accident report

To take advantage of workers’ compensation benefits, you need to file an accident report quickly after the accident without your employer. You do have two years in which to file to qualify for benefits.

Fault does not matter

Since it is a no-fault system, it does not matter who is at fault for your injury. However, you may not receive all benefits if the insurer finds you to be mostly at fault for the accident. You should still file a report and try to get benefits.

Workers’ comp covers medical bills and lost wages

When you make a claim, you will have your medical expenses paid for through the system. In some cases, you may also qualify for payment of wages that you lost. Be aware that there are limitations on wage payments and you will likely not get paid the same amount you would have earned if you worked.

You can choose your doctor

You can choose which doctor you use in most cases. If your employer has a managed care plan, though, you will get a list of doctors from which you can choose.

Workers’ compensation is a vital system that helps ensure you get coverage for a work accident. It also protects employers from costly lawsuits, so it is a win-win for everyone.