How Helpful Are Hard Hats?

Attorney Mark Rufo PC

One of the main pieces of safety equipment that you wear on a construction site in New Hampshire is a hard hat. This is the most visual and most common safety gear in this line of work. You may take that hard hat for granted because it is always there. You may not even realize when you have it on anymore since you are so used to wearing it. However, that hard hat could be the one thing that stands in between you and a serious injury or death.

ORR Safety explains that hard hats serve a very important purpose in construction site safety. They protect one of the most vulnerable areas of your body. While they may seem like a simple hat, they are so much more. They contain different layers that each do a specific job in keeping your head protected.

The outer shell is the first line of defense. It protects against falling objects and deflects them away from your head while also absorbing some of the shock from the contact. The outer shell can also protect you from puncture wounds as it will stop those as well.

The suspension, which is the part that sits on your head, is also important. It ensures your hard hat fits properly. It also creates a barrier or space between your head and the outer shell. This allows for shock absorption and further protection when something hits your hat.

Not all hard hats are made equal. Some are more effective than others. You should always wear a hard hat suited for your work environment. For example, some are made to protect from side blows while others are not. This information is for education only. It is not legal advice.