Complications That May Result from Workplace Burns

Attorney Mark Rufo PC

Construction sites present a number of hazards that can cause a New Hampshire worker to suffer burns, sometimes severely. Unfortunately, the damage that a burn creates is sometimes just the beginning. Burns, whether inflicted by an electrical source or a hot surface, can result in various health complications that could cause an injured worker to take a turn for the worse.

Heathline explains that a person who suffers any level of burn is at risk of bacterial infection. Since a burn ruptures the skin, it is possible for bacteria to enter the body and create a deadly complication. A tetanus infection is one possibility. A person with tetanus experiences problems with the nervous system which may result in muscle contractions. Burn victims may also contract sepsis, which infects the bloodstream.

Burns that are more severe can lead to additional complications. A person with a third degree burn is more likely to have lost a lot of blood and experience shock, which can be deadly. A loss of blood can create hypovolemia, which is a low level of blood volume. A severe burn can also result in hypothermia since harsh burns create injuries that deprive the body of a large amount of body heat.

The Mayo Clinic warns that scar tissue produced by burns can also result in complications. Scar tissue can create problems with muscles and bones due to shortness or tightness of tendons, muscles or the skin, which may result in stiffness and pain. Additionally, some burns are created by fires, which also produce smoke that can injure the lungs of a worker and result in breathing problems.

It is crucial to receive medical assistance as soon as possible in the event you suffer a burn injury. New Hampshire workers that experience burns on the jobsite should know that workers’ compensation is available for their injuries, in addition to other options to pay for medical treatment that an experienced attorney can help an injured worker explore.