Navigating a Workers’ Compensation Claim Could Be Challenging

Attorney Mark Rufo PC

Most workers in New Hampshire know that their employers carry insurance that would provide financial assistance if they should get injured on the job. They might think it is merely a case of getting medical care, filing a workers’ compensation claim and receiving compensation. However, it could be considerably more complicated, and failing to follow the correct procedures might jeopardize the chances of receiving maximum benefits.

It might be a good idea for employees to gain knowledge about the procedures to follow before they are injured and when there is no emergency or trauma with which to deal. The first step to take after a workplace injury is to get the necessary medical care, but the workers’ comp rules might require workers to see a doctor authorized by the comp system. Moreover, the injury must be reported to the employer, and this notice must be given in writing.

However, matters could become complicated if a worker develops an occupational illness gradually, or if an injury seems insignificant at first but then has serious consequences later. This is where the deadlines come in. Workers must report injuries within a specific period, and employers then have deadlines for filing the benefits claims with the insurance provider. Workplace injury victims might be concerned about the fact that many applications for workers’ comp benefits are denied.

New Hampshire workers need not deal with these complications on their own. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney will be familiar with the intricacies of the state-regulated insurance program, and he or she can answer any questions about available benefits and eligibility. A lawyer can navigate the claims process while the injured worker focuses on recovering without having to stress about the unanticipated financial challenges brought about by the injury.