The Value of Electronic Log Books for Truck Accident Claims

Attorney Mark Rufo PC

With so many semi-trucks on the road every day, the risk of accidents is significant. If you were in an accident with a semi-truck and you believe the driver was at fault, one important component of your case is the driver’s electronic log.

Most companies use electronic logs for drivers and those logs are a wealth of information.

Automatic driving hour records

The electronic logs automatically record the driver’s active hours, driving hours and the distance driven. You can determine if a driver exceeded their legally permissible driving time or on-duty hours, which may contribute to the liability finding.

Speed and driving behavior

Most companies that use electronic logs for their drivers also use real-time driver monitoring. This can tell you how fast the driver was going before the accident and how they were handling the truck. Hard braking, excessive acceleration and reckless driving behavior can contribute to accidents and liability.

Mechanical defects

Most electronic log systems also integrate with the truck’s monitoring systems. This records any malfunctions, overdue maintenance and faulty equipment that may contribute to an accident. Those records paired with the truck’s maintenance records may reveal any maintenance oversights or equipment failures that could cause the accident.

Electronic logs are harder to falsify, ensuring that the information you get is likely accurate. This is a departure from the paper logs of the past which were easy to alter. The electronic log information provides the foundation of your case if you are claiming liability on the part of the driver. The more evidence you have, the easier it is to prove your claim.