Speeding and traffic crash statistics

Blogs from March, 2022

Attorney Mark Rufo PC

Every time you get behind the wheel, you face many different risks. In addition to bad weather, traffic congestion and distracted driving, many accidents occur because of excessive speeds. Moreover, speeding not only increases the probability of a motor vehicle collision, but it can also lead to an especially devastating outcome.

Drivers speed for a host of reasons, whether they need to get somewhere soon or they struggle with road rage. However, there is no excuse for this dangerous behavior, and drivers who speed must answer when a collision takes place.

Data on speed-related traffic crashes

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that speed-related traffic crashes caused 326,000 people to sustain injuries over the course of 2019, accounting for 12% of all traffic crash injuries. Furthermore, 26% of deadly traffic accidents involved speeding drivers, and these crashes claimed more than 9,400 lives during 2019.

Statistics show that during 2019, male drivers between 15 and 20 as well as female drivers between 21 and 24 became involved in deadly accidents while speeding more than drivers in other age groups.

Speeding drivers pose a serious threat

Some drivers speed on a regular basis while others drive too fast occasionally while running late for an appointment or work. Regardless, any time a driver reaches high speeds, they increase the likelihood of a collision, and crashes that take place at high speeds are often more devastating.

Protective equipment can become less effective during a high-speed accident, and the chances of victims becoming seriously hurt or killed increases. As a result, the victims of these accidents need to hold speeding drivers accountable.

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