3 common myths about auto insurers

Blogs from February, 2022

Attorney Mark Rufo PC

Many states require drivers to carry auto insurance of some form. New Hampshire is actually one of the ones that do not mandate insurance for motor operators. However, the state’s DMV may require it in certain situations and does recommend that all drivers have automobile indemnity.

If you choose to follow this suggestion, you may run into certain fallacies about automotive insurance.

1. Automobile color impacts your rates

One myth you may come across is that insurers factor in your car’s color. This stems from the idea that those who drive vehicles of a certain hue, specifically red, possess a natural proclivity for driving excessively fast. There exists a belief that indemnifiers see individuals with flashy red automobiles in the light of this idea and adjust their rates accordingly. In reality, they do not directly consider color. Indirectly, though, if a certain color is rarer and thus jacks up your vehicle’s overall value, you may see higher rates.

2. Your insurer is on your side

The main goal of any insurance company is to make money, and they prioritize that over anything else, including their customers. They look for reasons to either not pay or pay the least possible amount. One tactic they may use is to make a low initial offer in the hopes that you accept it instantly. However, you may have the option of negotiating with the adjuster for a higher value.

3. The indemnity also covers possessions in your car

Auto insurance may cover the theft of a vehicle or its parts if your policy is comprehensive. It does not cover items stolen from inside your car. Your renters or homeowners may include coverage for the contents of your automobile though.

Remaining aware of the facts may help you as you deal with your insurer.

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