Avoid These 2 Common Personal Injury Claim Errors

Attorney Mark Rufo PC

When you find yourself involved in a New Hampshire car crash or another type of incident, the steps you take in the moments and days that follow may have far-reaching effects if you decide to pursue a claim. Knowing what to do in the moments following a wreck or other incident is important. Yet, so, too, is knowing what mistakes many people make when pursuing personal injury claims so that you might avoid making similar errors yourself.

Per the National Law Review, it often benefits you to avoid making the following errors when pursuing a personal injury claim.

1. Accepting the insurance company’s first offer

Insurance companies rarely have your interests at heart and instead, seek to pay out as little as possible when you make a claim. Insurance companies make their money by charging you premiums, not by paying out large claims, so keep this in mind when interacting with yours. It rarely serves you well to accept your insurer’s initial offer.

2. Taking to social media

More and more, insurance companies are taking to social media to see if there is anything they might be able to use to contradict a claimant’s assertions or avoid paying a claim. For example, if you claim you suffered serious injuries in a crash and then your social media accounts show you skydiving, your insurance company may use this against you.

While accepting your insurer’s first offer may minimize how much you receive after an injury, talking about the incident or your injuries on social media may result in you not receiving anything at all.