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What Should You Do after a Car Accident?

Attorney Mark Rufo PC

Even seasoned drivers will find themselves reeling after a car accident. Bad accidents can result in massive property damage and serious injuries. However, even seemingly minor accidents are still stressful for all involved.

As a result, you must know which steps to take after an auto collision. These steps improve the chance of a successful insurance claim, but they can also preserve your safety on the accident scene.

Call the police for help

In the event of injuries, you must secure immediate medical assistance. However, you should still contact the police even if no injuries take place. In addition to controlling the flow of traffic around your vehicle, the police will also create a report that will be extremely helpful later.

Speak with other drivers

Next, exchange information with other drivers on the scene to ensure you can make a thorough insurance claim. In general, you’ll need the person’s name and their insurance company, which you can provide to your insurance agent later. Be polite and courteous but refrain from saying too much.

Take pictures of damage

Vehicle damage can tell a lot about how an accident occurred and who was at fault. Accordingly, you should take pictures of your vehicle as well as others involved in the accident. While your insurance adjuster will take photos on their own, documenting the scene while it is active may provide greater insight to your insurer.

Contact your insurer

Once you have sufficient information, place a call to your insurer. Provide the information regarding the other driver, as well as your documentation from the scene. Answer questions honestly and be cooperative with the agent to ensure an efficient outcome.

From there, your insurer will investigate the claim and make a decision. It helps to look over your policy documents during this time to ensure your claim is valid and legitimate.