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What Unsafe Road Conditions May Contribute to Accidents?

Attorney Mark Rufo PC

During the aftermath of a car accident, there are many defenses that a person may use to explain why the accident happened. For this reason, it is essential to gather as much information as possible at the scene after your accident. 

One thing to note at this time is any road condition that the other party may blame for the accident. Knowing this information can help you when putting together your case against him or her. Safe Roads USA explains that some road conditions can contribute to accidents, which could affect the assignment of blame. 

Road signs 

Road signs are meant to help drivers. They provide warnings and instructions that keep traffic flowing safely. Sometimes, though, they are confusing or missing. When a sign hinders a driver’s ability to understand traffic patterns or a sign is missing that gives important instructions, it can easily lead a driver to make a mistake that results in an accident. 

Also, signs in construction areas need to be clear. If a sign is missing, it can lead to backups or crashes when vehicles try to merge or avoid construction zones. 

Road damage 

Potholes and other unmaintained areas of the road are a serious hazard. If you hit them, it can lead to damage to your vehicle, which means you may need to swerve into the other lane to avoid hitting them. 

Furthermore, a change in the road condition can cause a driver to lose control. Uneven pavement, dips or drop-offs all can cause your vehicle to pull or move in ways that make it very difficult for you to continue traveling safely.