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Make a House Safe for Guests

Attorney Mark Rufo PC

When people invite guests to their homes, they may not think about what will happen if someone slips and falls. Slips and falls can cause people to incur serious injuries, and homeowners may be responsible if they did not make their home safe for guests.

Guests may fall in any area of a house. says that 31% of falls happen in the living room, while only 13% take place in the bathroom. People fall in the kitchen in 19% of these incidents, while 30% of falls happen in a bedroom.

Why do falls happen?

Many hazards cause people to trip or slip and fall. People may trip over clutter in a hallway or fall if outdoor stairs do not have railings. Uneven or slick surfaces can cause people to slip and inadequate lighting can keep people from seeing potential hazards.

Sometimes falls may happen because of the age and health of a guest. Older guests may have balance or vision problems and these factors may cause them to fall, especially if people do not ensure their home is safe.

How can people prevent falls?

Taking a few simple steps can help homeowners ensure their home is safe for guests. According to Everyday Health, people should make sure they eliminate tripping hazards. Homeowners should walk through their homes to identify hazards, such as cracked floorboards and slippery rugs, and make repairs as necessary. People may want to install non-slip mats in kitchens and bathrooms so no one slips if water gets on the floor. Keeping clutter off the floors can also prevent falls.

Additionally, homeowners should make sure their home has enough lighting. People should install lighting in hallways and staircases, and they may want to use nightlights as well.