What Injured Employees Need to Know about Workers’ Compensation

Attorney Mark Rufo PC

Every state has its own guidelines and regulations regarding workers’ compensation. If you have been injured on the job in New Hampshire, you may have many questions about the process and what benefits the system entitles you to. At the law firm of Attorney Mark Rufo PC, we often answer questions for clients and provide assistance in filing a claim to reduce the risk of a denial. 

The New Hampshire Department of Labor offers this information about workers’ compensation in the state. 

Seeking medical attention and prescriptions 

The employer’s workers’ compensation insurance policy may designate a managed care program that includes a network of doctors. In this case, you must choose a doctor from the network. Otherwise, you may choose your own doctor. 

If you need medication due to your injury, you make the purchase and submit the receipt to the insurance company. It should reimburse you for the prescription in 30 days or fewer from the day that it receives the request. 

Calculating the workers’ compensation rate 

Workers’ compensation benefits are not a full replacement of your wages. To calculate what you will receive, add your gross wages for the 26 to 52 weeks leading up to the injury. Divide that amount by the number of weeks to discover your average weekly wage. You should receive 60% of that amount. 

Going back to work 

Your doctor may release you to go back to work even if you have medical restrictions that keep you from performing your regular job duties. Your employer may offer you a different position or keep you on light duty, and it may not necessarily pay you the same wage. However, workers’ compensation benefits may cover some of the difference between your reduced wage and your former wage, depending on the circumstances. 

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