Can defensive driving prevent accidents?

Blogs from April, 2019

Attorney Mark Rufo PC

New Hampshire drivers must take safety seriously. That’s why all motorists are encouraged to utilize defensive driving tactics, which help prevent accidents and preserve the safety of all who share the road. Esurance explains defensive driving behaviors and how you can incorporate them into your driving technique.

Driver error is a major contributor to car accidents. You can reduce the chance of errors by being aware of your surroundings at all times. This entails checking your mirrors frequently to locate the presence of other motorists. You also want to physically check your blind spots, which are those areas around your vehicle where cars and motorcycles are not visible from your mirrors alone. Be sure to scan the road in front of you as well to detect any stopped vehicles.

Your demeanor behind the wheel can also play a role in safety. Driving aggressively greatly increases your risk of experiencing an accident. While carelessness on the part of other drivers is indeed frustrating, try to remain calm when behind the wheel. When you get flustered, you’re more likely to make mistakes, and even a minor mistake can cause a serious accident involving a number of vehicles.

Lastly, keep distractions at bay while driving. Texting while driving is extremely dangerous, and you should always ensure that your mobile device is stored away while driving. Also, steer clear of other distractions, such as eating while driving or carrying on a conversation with passengers. Even daydreaming can be dangerous behind the wheel, and you want your full focus to be on the road and the actions of other motorists. That way you can rest assured that you’ll be able to react appropriately to a sudden and unexpected occurrence.

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