Victims of Dog Bite Injuries Can Pursue Financial Relief

Attorney Mark Rufo PC

Dog bite laws differ from state to state, but those in New Hampshire are more favorable to victims than most other jurisdictions. However, the dog owner cannot be held liable if the person who suffered dog bite injuries was committing a civil wrong or trespassing at the time of the attack. Nevertheless, specific questions need answers before the filing of a civil lawsuit.

For a dog bite lawsuit to be viable, there must be serious injuries or other damage caused. When documenting damages, lost income and emotional trauma can be included along with medical expenses. To bring such a lawsuit, the owner of the dog will have to be identified. If that information is not available, such as in a case when the dog was a stray, there may be no one to sue.

In most cases, the injured victim will have to show that provocation did not cause the incident, and that he or she was not a trespasser on the property where the incident occurred. New Hampshire laws do not require proof that the dog owner was aware of the dog’s vicious propensities. However, if you suffer such an incident in another state with different dog bite laws, you might have to prove such knowledge by the owner.

Victims of dog bite injuries in New Hampshire do not have to carry the financial burden alone. They can discuss the circumstances of the attacks with an experienced personal injury attorney who can explain their rights. The lawyer can also determine the viability of any particular lawsuit, and if grounds exist, he or she can provide the necessary support and guidance in pursuit of recovery of financial and emotional damages.

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