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More Vehicles, More Hours Behind the Wheel, More Auto Accidents

Attorney Mark Rufo PC

The numbers of vehicles on the roads and the hours spent driving in New Hampshire and other states are steadily rising. For this reason, it is essential for drivers to follow the laws and practice safe driving. This could prevent auto accidents that often result in injuries or death. Sadly, many drivers disregard road safety, putting themselves and other road users at risk.

Common road safety issues include disobeying road signs, traffic lights and other traffic laws. Speeding is dangerous, and following too closely behind other vehicles can cause serious rear-end collisions. Driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs — or even prescription medication — must be avoided. Falling asleep while driving is far too common for people who drive through the night, or at any time when they are drowsy, often resulting in fatal car accidents.

Distractions such as mobile phones and other devices can be deadly, and so can eating and drinking while driving. Drivers who are distracted might not notice debris or other obstructions in the road. Animals and pedestrians crossing the road can cause accidents, and driving in rain, snow or other adverse weather conditions needs extra caution.

People in New Hampshire who are suffering the consequences of auto accidents that resulted from the negligence of others can pursue financial relief through the civil justice system. An experienced personal injury attorney can assess the viability of such a claim, and assist with the legal requirements such as proving negligence. A successful claim can lead to the court entering a monetary judgment to cover documented claims for economic and noneconomic damages.

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