Auto accidents: Violent crash leaves 1 person seriously injured

Blogs from December, 2018

Attorney Mark Rufo PC

December is a dangerous time on the nation’s roadways, including in New Hampshire. Some auto accidents are particularly violent, like a two-vehicle crash that occurred on a recent Friday afternoon. Authorities reported that debris and wreckage that were left behind included a CV joint attached to a wheel of one of the two vehicles.

Police are still investigating the early afternoon Hooksett crash. Bystanders reported seeing an airborne car flying over the median. The circumstances that led to the collision between the two vehicles, both of which had New Hampshire license plates, are yet to be determined. Reportedly, an SUV and a sedan were involved in the crash, which left the car lying on its roof.

Victims who were trapped in the wreckage had to be extricated by the use of specialized equipment. Officials reported that first responders transported three injured victims to the hospital. The injuries suffered by two of those victims were said to be minor while the third person’s injuries were serious but not regarded as life-threatening.

When injuries follow auto accidents that were caused by the negligence of another party, any injured victims likely have grounds to pursue financial relief by filing civil lawsuits. This includes injured passengers of the driver deemed negligent. Personal injury is a complicated field of the law, and the chances of recovering financial and emotional damages are usually improved by relying upon an experienced New Hampshire attorney. A lawyer can assess the circumstances of the accident to determine the viability of a claim, and then provide the necessary support and guidance throughout ensuing legal proceedings.

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