3 things to know before accepting a fast auto insurance settlement

Blogs from January, 2023

Attorney Mark Rufo PC

If you have experienced an auto collision injury, you may be facing both steep medical bills and forced time off work during your recovery. With financial pressure mounting, you understandably want to receive your insurance payout as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, insurance companies often do their best to avoid paying claims in part or in full. In some cases, an agent may offer a quick settlement to avoid paying you the amount the law entitles you to.

1. Insurance agents often prioritize company profits

As businesses, insurance companies want to minimize the amount they pay on claims. While agents can seem friendly, they are often trained negotiators who may try to leverage your own financial desperation against you by offering a quick but low settlement.

2. A fast settlement may mean a lower payout

If an insurance provider makes a fast payment offer, it could be a sign that the company knows that your injuries could entitle you to a substantially larger settlement. That is especially true if you suffered injuries that will require extensive medical care.

3. It can take time to know the severity of your injury

Depending on the nature of the accident, it may take weeks or even months for a doctor to determine the full extent and impact of your injuries. You might have to take an extended leave from work, and ultimately you may have to live with chronic pain or a permanent disability.

You might find a fast offer tempting because to want to receive needed funds quickly and avoid the hassle of negotiating. However, before accepting, it is important to consider whether the amount will truly cover all present and future costs related to your injury.

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