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Think Twice Before Accepting an Insurance Company’s First Offer

Attorney Mark Rufo PC

After a New Hampshire car crash, you may want to get compensation as fast as possible. Yet, you may be doing yourself a disservice if you accept an insurance company’s initial claim offer. When push comes to shove, insurance companies are for-profit entities, and this means their priority is typically making money for the company – not paying you out a sizable claim.

Per the National Law Review, many insurance companies use similar strategies in their efforts to cut back on how much they must pay you after a claim. If the insurance company knows it is not going to be able to get away with paying you nothing, expect it to try any number of different tactics to reduce how much it must pay. More specifically, know that the insurance company may try to do the following to cut back on how much it must pay you.

Question who was at fault

The insurance company may try to suggest that you were to blame or at least partly to blame for the crash that caused your injuries. It may do so for no reason other than to make you question your right to a claim and make its initial offer sound more appealing.

Suggest you exaggerated your injuries

Insurance companies may also suggest that you exaggerated the severity or extent of your injuries in an attempt to get more money. The insurer may try to argue that you underwent unreasonable or unnecessary medical treatment for what it considers minor injuries. It may also try to argue that your injuries were pre-existing, depending on circumstances.

Think long and hard before accepting an insurance company’s first offer. Once you do so, you no longer have options available to you if you believe you deserve more.