Taking a Look at Low-impact Auto Crashes

Attorney Mark Rufo PC

When someone is involved in a fender bender or a minor car accident, it is very likely that no serious injuries will occur. However, this is not true in every instance and there are countless ways in which people are hurt in seemingly minor auto accidents. The severity of a crash varies from one to the next and some people have an especially high likelihood of sustaining an injury when a crash occurs, regardless of how fast the vehicles involved are traveling. Unfortunately, even low-impact accidents cause many hardships for victims and they must take a firm stand for their rights.

A low-impact collision has the potential to cause serious damage, especially if those involved hit their heads or are struck by an object in the vehicle. Some people, such as those with heart problems, are especially sensitive to shocking disturbances. Moreover, those who have a newborn in the vehicle or someone whose body is fragile for some reason (such as those recovering from a very serious injury) are especially likely to suffer in an auto accident, even if both vehicles are not moving very fast. These accidents occur in various ways, whether someone does not pay attention to a traffic sign at an intersection or they collide with a parked vehicle.

Many people mistakenly assume that low-impact auto accidents are not serious. However, multiple hardships arise when these crashes happen, from injuries and mental trauma to property damage. It is imperative for those who sustain injuries in any type of car crash to look into the options that they have and take action. Our web site covers other issues related to auto crash victims’ rights.