Important Post-accident Steps

Attorney Mark Rufo PC

Even the calmest person may get rattled when a car accident happens. Accidents happen so quickly and may leave little time for a person to respond or collect his or her thoughts, yet require action.

People may benefit by regularly reviewing their action plan for what to do in these moments.

Always put health and safety first

As recommended by NerdWallet, the health and safety of any person in the area must take center stage as the priority. When any potential for injury exists, calling for help promptly matters. This should precede any other action.

The next step in keeping people safe involves moving a vehicle and any people to a safe place if possible. In some situations, vehicles may be immovable. But a person should move the vehicle when possible.

Report the accident

U.S. News and World Report indicates that drivers should call for police help and file a police report for any accident, even one that seems like a minor fender bender.

Do not overshare

Another driver, passenger or witness might ask a person how they feel or about a potential injury. In these cases, a person should remain polite but avoid giving information that may prevent them from getting help for an injury that presents itself later on.

Document with photos

Using a phone to take photos can go a long way toward providing useful evidence for an accident. People should take photos of both vehicles, license plates and the roadway near the collision site. They may also take pictures of the other driver’s license and insurance card.