How can motorists keep kids safe on Halloween?

Blogs from October, 2019

Attorney Mark Rufo PC

Halloween is a fun time for kids, but it’s not without its risks. According to Consumer Reports, pedestrian accidents in 2018 were up by 3.4%, with 6,283 losing their lives due to often preventable auto accidents. Halloween is a particularly dangerous time of year for pedestrians when considering factors like hard to see costumes and inattention when crossing the street. The following are a few guidelines for kids, parents, and motorists to ensure safety is a top concern on Halloween.

Kids often trick or treat in groups. Accordingly, drivers should always remain alert when one child is crossing the street, as there is likely to be more right behind him. This illustrates the importance of yielding to pedestrians, even when a driver has the right of way. Drivers must also operate their vehicles at a slower rate of speed when driving through residential neighborhoods with numerous children.

Some parents drive their children to trick or treating and other Halloween events. Even if they’re only going a short distance, parents must make sure kids are properly secured in their vehicles. Small children should be placed in the back seat, either in a car seat or appropriately secured using a seatbelt. When dropping kids off at a location, parents must make sure their children have easy access to the sidewalk and can safely exit the vehicle without incident.

For kids who go out trick or treating on their own, they must carry a flashlight or glow stick to signal their presence to drivers. They can also affix reflective tape to costs so they can be easily in the dark. Children must also be instructed to stick to well-lit paths and always cross the street at the crosswalk.

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