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A Car Accident Can Cause Psychological Issues to Crop Up

Attorney Mark Rufo PC

Motor vehicle accidents can turn your life upside down – physically and metaphorically. Depending on the severity of the incident, you may find yourself without transportation or the means to replace it.

When speaking with your insurance company, you may realize things will not go as smoothly as you thought. You did not know the number of hoops you had to jump through to get money for medical care, car repairs and missed time from work. One thing you may not have thought of was the psychological toll a car accident may take. Do not miss the signs that you may have a breakdown of the mental kind.

You stop sleeping

Dealing with the stress of a car accident is a burden. Even if your injuries were minor, the stressful process insurance companies may put you through can diminish your faith in a favorable resolution. During this time, you may stop sleeping soundly or entirely. This loss of sleep may start the spiral into an anxious state.

You become forgetful

When the human mind becomes bogged down with stress, bits of it can stop functioning one at a time. A sign that your stress level is beginning to affect your mental state is an onset of memory loss. If you notice this getting worse, you may want to get it checked by a doctor as it may signal a traumatic brain injury as well as post-traumatic stress disorder.

You feel hopeless

Finally, if the process drags on too long, you can start to feel completely hopeless. Whether the insurance company has decided to assign you some of the blame or they seem to drag their feet when paying up, the process can become so stagnant and overwhelming, you considering dropping it. When you start to have this feeling, it may signal a serious bout of depression.

Getting help with your accident claim is something that may stave off some of the adverse psychological effects a crash can elicit. Finding an attorney who best represents you may mean the difference between getting what you deserve and throwing in the towel.