Auto Accidents Involving Flying Ice Projectiles Are Preventable

Attorney Mark Rufo PC

Driving on New Hampshire highways during the cold winter months is hazardous for all. This is due to the hazards posed by ice and snow on the roads as well as the potential damage that could be caused by pieces of ice flying off other vehicles. One of many such auto accidents this year involved an employee of the New Hampshire Department of Transportation.

Reportedly, this man was westbound in an NH DOT pickup truck on Route 101 at about 3:30 p.m. on a recent Thursday when he noticed a large piece of ice detaching from a box truck about three car lengths ahead of him. The driver says that although he had enough time to take evasive action any such efforts would have risked his colliding with other vehicles. The victim reports that the piece of hurtling ice, measuring approximately 24x12x6 inches, smashed through his windshield and struck him in the head.

The driver managed to maintain control of his car and pulled onto the shoulder of the road safely. He claims to have seen the box truck pull over some distance ahead but drive off as soon as the ambulance arrived. Law enforcement is continuing the search for that vehicle and its driver. The injured victim suffered facial lacerations and a head wound that required stitches.

Navigating personal injury lawsuits after auto accidents in which the at-fault driver is at large could be complicated. However, with this accident involving a worker in a company vehicle, the victim might be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits in the meantime. A New Hampshire attorney with experience in both fields of the law can assess the circumstances and explain the legal options to pursue relief of economic and noneconomic damages.