Auto accidents: Elderly voter trapped under car at polling place

Blogs from November, 2018

Attorney Mark Rufo PC

When an elderly New Hampshire woman recently went to the only polling station in Windham at the local high school, she would not have expected what was to come her way. She was struck by a car while she was walking across the parking lot. Like many auto accidents, this one appears to have been caused by driver error.

According to a police report, it was just before midday when the driver of a small sedan backed into the pedestrian. The victim became pinned underneath the car, and firefighters were called to the scene. Reportedly, the woman was only extricated after being trapped for approximately 15 minutes.

The report indicates that the driver of the car was unaware that the vehicle was in reverse, expecting to go forward, but striking the pedestrian who was behind it. After freeing the victim from under the car, paramedics rushed her to a local medical facility. Reportedly, she was admitted with life-threatening injuries. Officials say the driver, who remained at the accident scene, was not suspected of alcohol or drug impairment.

Whenever serious injuries are suffered in auto accidents, grounds for civil lawsuits may exist. If the negligence of another party causes a crash, injured victims are typically entitled to pursue claims for financial damages. With the support, guidance and advocacy of an experienced New Hampshire personal injury attorney, negligence could be established, and a monetary judgment might be entered to cover documented economic losses. Claims could include current and future medical expenses along with noneconomic losses such as pain and suffering and other emotional damages.

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