Many Workers’ Compensation Claims Filed Despite OSH Act Control

Attorney Mark Rufo PC

In 1971, the Occupational Safety and Health Act became effective, and, although accurate injury or fatality records were not kept at that time, Congress set out to improve safety in workplaces nationwide. On Workers’ Memorial Day every year on April 28, the passing of the OSH Act is celebrated, and the lives lost in Occupational accidents are commemorated in New Hampshire and other states. Unfortunately, despite all these efforts, countless numbers of workers’ compensation claims are filed for workplace injuries every year.

The New Hampshire Coalition for Occupational Safety and Health spent a week recognizing both male and female workers for the contributions they made to the economy and society while rededicating the agency to promote healthy and safe workplaces. NHCOSH said 11 workers lost their lives while working last year, and the sad fact is that some of those deaths could have been prevented had the employers complied with safety regulations. The agency says several employers failed to provide adequate safety training and the necessary safety equipment.

An example of non-compliance that led to a fatality is a 37-year-old construction worker. He died last May when he was buried by tons of soil after the walls of the trench in which he was working collapsed. There are strict safety regulations that apply to all excavations because they are known to pose severe hazards. However, this man’s employer chose to disregard those rules and sent the worker into an unprotected trench.

Despite the ongoing efforts of safety authorities in New Hampshire, injuries and fatalities will continue to occur. Fortunately, the workers’ compensation insurance program is there to provide financial relief, and experienced attorneys are there to assist with the complicated claims processes. Injured workers can claim compensation for medical expenses and lost wages while the surviving family members of deceased workers can claim death benefits. These typically cover end-of-life expenses and also include wage replacement packages.

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